Cutting Through the Jargon: Business Buzzwords Decoded

  Synergy? Monetize? What do these words mean? We’ve taken the liberty of decoding some possibly confusing business jargon and buzzwords so you can be more literate in the fast-paced corporate world       Actionable Something that you can take action on  ..

How to Improve your Customer Service Skills over the Phone

  Have you ever had a wonderful experience with a company because of the customer service? You remember those positively who’ve gone above and beyond to help you. Here’s how to make your customers and clients feel the same way.   Have a positive..

AI Technology: Will we Lose our Jobs to Robots?

  Is your job safe? With technology advancing each day, we now have drones, self-driving cars, and artificial intelligence. Many are questioning if robots will end up taking our jobs. The short answer is some will be replaced, but not all. Research leader Gartner..